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As Ruler of the Candy Kingdom
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"Gumball! Darling! It's been far too long."

      “Indeed it has! How have you been my friend?”


One of the greatest GIF’s I’ve ever seen.


One of the greatest GIF’s I’ve ever seen.


I absolutely cannot wait for autumn.

Special delivery! It's a stack of all the insulting mail Charlie's gotten recently where it's even SLIGHTLY possible to pretend it's actually meant for Gumball. At the top is a single love letter addressed to Very Specifically Charles Cincinnatus Cadbury, the Prince of Chocolate, with an attached note instructing Gumball to cross out all the paragraphs which poetically describe chocolatey attributes and "write in 'gum' or something. So you don't feel TOO bad!" How thoughtful.

      The first was an amusing read, finding out that
even Cadbury could make people fall in love with him.
   But as he continued, the more he felt like the other
have kept this awkward declaration of affection. 

                       People really didn’t like him.
         At least he had ignorance to keep him happy.

This was all going to be fire food once winter would begin.


Matching cute Finns for you & your friends, part I

The burden of being good looking.



"Fine! In that case, I rescind my willingness to let you share what was clearly my compliment. I was only doing it out of pity, anyway!”

"If that’s what you think."

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